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A Question for Blue Collar Managers and Supervisors

I’m not going to go into a long screen play about all of the hero managers out there.

I am going to ask a simple question:

What are you doing to advance your career during these tough times?

You don’t have to be a superhero to tell your story.

Whether you are working or not, times are different and for some times are not difficult. Eventually the tide will turn and we’ll all get to go back to a normal life – well, a new normal.

We’d like to hear your story about several areas in your career:

  • What you are doing during these different times to become a better manager or supervisor,
  • What you struggle with as a leader or manager,
  • What you have found works for you and your team, or
  • What you still need help with.

If you have a story about what works, or what you have tried and failed at but learned from, we want to hear it.

Please feel free to email it to


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