Blue Collar Leader, Supervisor, and Manager Training

What got them here won’t keep them here…at the next level.

Moving from labor into management or supervision is not just a step up. Coming in from the field or warehouse, moving ‘off the tools’ into management is much different than stepping up in an office environment. In fact, there are at least seven different things that have to change and we expect managers to change overnight. They won’t.

What we do:

  1. Train, develop, coach, and mentor people moving from labor into supervision and management with basic management skills.
  2. Consult with business leaders to work more effectively with blue-collar managers and supervisors.
  3. Act as an interpreter between the levels of management.

They have the job, now what?

  • The key to success is never in a job description.
  • How clearly will you both know what the critical things are that need to get done?
  • How will you both know if they are on the right path?

Will they need help in these areas?

  • Planning – looking at things more strategically than tactically.
  • Communications –
    • What do they need to say and when?
    • Who do they say it to?
    • How do they make the approach?
  • Decision making
  • Understanding motivation
  • Presentations –
    • Are they going to do presentations, even very brief ones, at meetings?
    • Will they be doing Safety Training presentations?
    • Will they be effective?
  • Safety – there is always a component of safety in blue-collar management and supervision…read more.

It won’t cost you anything to find out whether this is a fit for you! Speeches, workshops, consulting, and training are customizable. For a free consultation to see whether we fit, call me at 925.354.0277 or email me here. Please pardon the form, it is an effort to reduce spam and get to the people that need help.