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Communications 101 For Managers and Supervisors

One of the top five reasons that managers, supervisors, and foremen fail is their lack of communication. It is not that they won’t communicate. It is how they communicate, which determines how effective they are at communicating. Just as important is understanding how their listener communicates, and when the two don’t match, the results aren’t pretty.

There is a communication style scale, and most people fall somewhere between the ends. One end of the scale is, “Tell me what you want to be done and leave me the hell alone – I’ll get back to you when it’s finished.” The other is, “Can we talk? This is what I am doing and these are ALL the details about what I did, when I did it, who I did it with, where we did it…[and so on, and so on, and so on…]” Energizing to some people.  Exhausting to others.

Grunting and chin pointing are NOT communicating.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Complete an online questionnaire using the DISC method.
  • Receive a custom 45+ page report giving them feedback on their communication styles.
  • Learn what their individual communication style is.
  • Learn how their behavioral style helps and hinders communications with others.
  • Learn the great myth about communications, how that myth hurts them, and what to do about it.
  • Participate in actual communication scenarios to help them understand how they can be more effective.
  • Understand how to get their message across to different behavior styles, including the boss and co-workers.

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