360 Surveys – You’re Finished! Well, Maybe Not…One Final Note.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the 360 OD Survey about your organization.

These surveys are to be completely anonymous, and as such we ask that you do not discuss the questions or your answers with anyone.

Here’s why: What if you answered the questions honestly in your mind and then told someone about your answers? That has two potential problems.

  1. Their answer may not be as open and honest as it could be. Even though it is anonymous, people can be influenced, and the way you see the world may not be the way they see the world.
  2. Once you tell someone about this, even if they are not management, then you are no longer anonymous, are you? And we want this to be anonymous.

So, please, don’t talk about this until after we announce that the entire process has run its course.

Meanwhile, feel free to read articles that may help you in your career on the blog.

Thank you.