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Bart Gragg is the founder of Blue Collar University® and is the author of the book “They’re Managers – Now What? How to Develop Blue Collar Managers and Supervisors.”

Bart has worked in some of the toughest industries out there- from oil and gas exploration to heavy industrial dismantling, refinery, and pipeline repair services. He understands first-hand the pain that managers and their managers go through when they have not been taught what their job really entails or given the tools to accomplish it. And he knows that their managers are probably frustrated as well.

Bart has a B.S. in Geology, is a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst, holds the OHST (Occupational Hygiene and Safety Technician) certificates, and is a Certified Executive One Page Business Plan consultant.

Praise for Bart’s Work

“. . .  I was at risk of being fired as a new manager. I hired Bart. My division is now one of the highest revenue producers in the country. After several years there and with an additional department, I was made a Branch Manager and now I am a Regional Manager. I learned 80 percent about doing this right from Bart. I finally got the respect I was working for.” Michael Peck, pipefitter turned Regional Manager.

“After all these years I continue to go back to Bart and his teachings for wisdom and guidance in my work.” Brodie Patrick – Project Manager in the Pipeline and Methane Recovery Industry

Read more recommendations for Bart on his LinkedIn profile.

“Bart delivered exactly what we were looking for – a keynote speech that provided practical insight into how to more effectively implement and manage change in the workplace. Bart’s presentation was more than a motivational seminar on change. It was an inspirational session that provided our clients with tools and insights to implement change within their organizations.” Carrie Marmesh, Assistant Vice President, Garnet Captive Services

“Bart is skilled at creating group interaction and making sure that everyone in the group accomplishes something tangible.” Pat Reagan, Reagan Management Services, Inc.

“Blue Collar University’s seminar ‘From Who to How’ was very rewarding for our clients. Bart effectively communicated ideas on getting to the truth in investigations which we were able to take back to our organizations and apply immediately.” Girija Shaffer, MBA, ARM, Director of Loss Control Services, Garnet Captive Services

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