Bart Gragg – “They’re Managers – Now What?”

What got them here won’t keep them here…at the next level.

Moving from labor into management or supervision is not just a step up. Coming in from the field or warehouse, moving ‘off the tools’ into management is much different than stepping up in an office environment.

In fact, there are at least seven different changes we expect new managers to make overnight. There are some very specific reasons they won’t change. And when they don’t make those changes here are the results:

  • Did you know that 60% of managers fail within the first 24 months of assuming the role?
  • Why do so many fail? Why does it take 24 months to know they are failing?
  • How many have failed and are not managers, but messengers?
  • How can we help them understand what success looks like?

We know how to create a better understanding between blue-collar managers, supervisors, and their managers.

Our Blue Collar manager and supervisor development programs prepare, develop, and support the transition of your employees into rock-solid, professional supervisors, managers, and leaders.

These programs and consultations are flexible and appropriate for entry-level supervision through higher management. Even though the training is custom to your employees and company,  it doesn’t mean it is any more costly. Contact us to see whether we are a fit.

Our programs can:

  • Build morale and productivity.
  • Reduce the “Us vs. Them” syndrome.
  • Remove the need for the dreaded annual review.
  • Minimize safety-related incidents.
  • Decrease turnover by as much as half.
  • Increase employee commitment and loyalty.

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It won’t cost you anything to find out whether this is a fit for you! Speeches, workshops, consulting, and training are customizable. For a free consultation to see whether we fit, call me at 925.354.0277 or email me here. Please pardon the form, it is an effort to reduce spam and get to the people that need help.