Consulting and Training Services

Blue Collar University® offers management consulting and training programs for new, prospective, and yes, used managers and supervisors in businesses of all sizes.

Management-related consultations, workshops, and training programs for individuals and teams:

  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Communication and Motivation
  • Decision making
  • Creating agreements between managers, supervisor, and their managers.
  • Working with peers
  • Presenting information

This work is done in consultation with your management in order to see that your employees or members receive the information and guidance that they want and need.

  • Goals alone are often useless because the process of achieving them hasn’t been thought through. I work with managers and executives to create goals on steroids using a simple but powerful One Page Plan®
  • Most people hire and promote based on the people they ‘like’.  Most often this does not work as the new hire is not suited for the job.  Change the way you look at this – let the job talk first, then look for the people that are the best fit. I help you think through what a job requires so that you can get much closer to hiring the person you need.

In most cases, it is best to work with not just the manager, but to some degree have access to all of the individuals that might interact with the manager, especially their boss and peers. Why? Because while getting them used to being a manager, it’s also critical at this stage for them to understand:

  • Interactions with key individuals
  • Learn the corporate mission.
  • Understand their boss’s philosophy.

Why do people hire me?  I come from a blue-collar background and worked my way up through the pain. I understand the issues related to being a blue-collar manager, especially an untrained manager.

I work with:

  • Business owners
  • Executives
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • The managers of managers
  • Individuals

If you want help as a manager or to support a manager or supervisor, we should talk. Won’t cost you anything but your phone fees to talk for a few minutes and see what can be done to help your situation.

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