Keynotes, Workshops, Webinars

Blue Collar University® offers keynote speeches, webinars, workshops, and seminars. These are focused on business leadership, management training, tips for supervising workers, communication, and safety strategies. To schedule a webinar or to find out when the next public webinar is available, please contact us here.

Who should attend: Business owners and leaders, managers and supervisors, and/or their managers.

Keynote Speeches,  Workshops, and Seminars:

  • They’re Managers – Now What? – How to develop blue-collar managers and supervisors” Based on the book by the same name.
  • I’m a Manager – Now What? – 11 Traits of Successful Blue Collar Managers and Supervisors.”
    For both blue-collar managers and supervisors and the people that manage them.
  • Communications 101 For Managers and Supervisors – The essential guide to communications for managers and supervisors.
  • Blue Collar Bootcamp – The essential elements for effective managers
  • The Trouble With the Safety Curve – How and what we have to change to get to Zero Safety Incidents
  • True North – A Look at the Past For a View of the Future – Revisiting your lessons learned to be a more effective owner, manager, leader.
  • The Key to Success is Never in a Job Description – Creating key accountabilities and working agreements between managers and their managers.”

Safety Training

  • Authorized OSHA 10 Hour and 30 Hour Trainer – with emphasis on personal and leadership qualities for safety in the workplace.
  • “The Trouble With the Safety Curve – How and what we have to change to get to Zero Incidents”