They’re Managers – Now What?

They’re Managers – Now What?

How to develop blue-collar managers and supervisors.

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Who should attend:
If you hire, promote, or manage blue collar managers, supervisors, and working foremen, this talk is for you.

  • Business owners
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Human resource professionals
  • People who hire or promote managers
  • Safety professionals

Event Type:   Keynote, workshop, or training series.*

How are you preparing your people for success?

Recognizing that moving out of labor and into management involves a change from working with tools and objects to working with people and data, ask yourself this:

  • Do they know what it means to be a manager?
  • Do they know the essential elements of managing?
  • Did you prepare them to be successful as a manager?

If you are a manager or supervisor ask yourself this:

  • Do you know what a manager is and does?
  • Do you know the essential elements of managing?
  • How are you preparing yourself to be successful as a manager?

Participants will learn*

  • What it really means to be a manager no matter the industry.
  • The title alone won’t make them a success.
  • The next level of success requires the next level of discipline.
  • The elements of change when people become managers.
  • The essential elements of a successful manager.
    • What got a person the position isn’t enough to keep the position.
    • Clarifying ‘communication’ and how essential it is.
    • The routines and habits of successful managers
    • Understanding what “safety begins with leadership” really means, and a tool to help you achieve that.

The book – They’re Managers-Now What?
*The number and type of elements and length depend on the type of engagement you wish to have. This is customizable for length and content.
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