A Different Way to Watch Your Own Body Language

Those of you that have known me for any length of time know that I am an intense people watcher.  I love watching people interact with each other and through their body language alone try to determine if not their content, at least their mood and how they are feeling.

It turns out that our bodies communicate with us as well, and can change our own minds.  Take 21 minutes and learn a bit more about how our body language speaks to our own beliefs about power and worth in this video from Amy Cuddy at TED.com.

SOME of us also have an overabundance of testosterone and and may actually need to figure out – and test – a pose that helps dial it back without looking wimpy. Work on that.

Try these techniques when you go to your next meeting, whatever that may be.  Post a comment here to let me know how that worked for you.


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