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As I speak to groups and individuals and refer to some of the great books I have read I am asked for my book / recommended reading list for managers and others that wish to stay informed. Instead of creating a .PDF version I have started a page of the titles that have most intrigued and most affected me.

That page contains the title, author and brief comments as to the benefits of reading that particular book.

I might also recommend that for some of these books you might want to set up a reading group – a small group of people that read and discuss each chapter simultaneously. Lest you, the leader, think this might be a bit time consuming, imagine the benefits:

  • You get to develop trust and respect by reading along with them.
  • You get to develop listening skills – discerning how your managers and supervisors think.
  • They get the benefit of your thoughts and therefor get to benefit from your philosophy – they get to know more about how you work and think and can develop along those lines.
  • They get to challenge your thinking – always a good thing – for two reasons:
  • They (the other readers) see things differently and your clients may have that same perspective.
  • You get to practice the art of changing your thinking based on new knowledge – you can always change it back.

If you want more ideas on how to setup a reading group, or even want help facilitating one, let me know – call me at 925.757.7473 or email me here.

The Recommended Reading list is here…

Enjoy and add to the comments – even suggest other books to read.

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